Dental Implants Yorkville IL - Restoration

Dental Implants Yorkville ILOver the years, Prairie Garden Dental has established itself as a leading provider of high quality dental implant restoration to residents of Yorkville and the surrounding communities.  We specialize in the restoration of dental implants.  With extensive training, our dental team  provides the proper, safe delivery of dental implants.  We use continuing education to utilize the most cutting edge techniques and ensure patients receive the highest quality of implant treatment.  

Implant Dentistry is the preferred standard for replacing missing teeth. Due to the nature of the implants, they have been designed to mimic the look, feel and function of natural teeth. Implants do not require alterations to adjacent teeth and do not have to be removed during sleep.

The Anatomy of a Dental Implant

Dental implants typically contain three segments. The first segment is often a titanium screw surgically placed into the jawbone where it mimics the tooth root and provides the foundation for an artificial tooth, also called an implant restoration. In some cases where the patient is missing all their teeth, a permanent denture may be supported by dental implants.

The second segment of the implant is called an abutment. This is a metal post or base that our team uses to attach the third and final segment of the implant, the implant restoration. An implant restoration is a dental crown that completes the implant and give you the closest thing to a natural tooth. Keep in mind that dental implants require the patient to have good bone density and a healthy immune system.

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